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Identifying the State and City

Associated pages to Attributing Civil War Store Cards are still under construction. There are visible links provided when a section has been completed leading you to the working sections.


I still attribute Civil War Store Cards as George and Melvin Fuld originally did in their book: A Guide To Civil War Store Cards. Unfortunately, this method is a bit difficult to portray easily on a website and I want to make so much more information available. So, I have elected to create an hierarchical system that leads you to the Fuld attribution as quickly as possible through one of three methods.

Choose one of the methods below to find out more information on a particular token:

Civil War Store Cards designate the obverse as the side advertising the store or merchant who ordered the tokens to be made. This side of the token will usually have an indication of where the store is located, but not always. You can isolate the city where the Civil War Store Card was made by selecting the state from the drop down menu (above). If both City and State are listed, go to State first and work your way over to the city.


AL 425 Obverse


On occasions, the obverse may only indicate the city, which you can look up by searching the drop down menu (above) for the City name, or using any other resource that will give you the relationship between City and State.


CT 345A Obverse


Should the first two methods fail to lead you to a means of identifying  the token, then an attempt can be made at searching for the text found on the token. This section has not been built yet, but for every die, I have written out the text beneath the die so that it can be search for using resources such as Google. I find searching for the merchant owner’s name works best.


CT 35A Obverse

  • E.W. Atwood / Dealer / In / Books / Newspapers / &c

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